Enjoy the comforts that make a house a home. See the city from a different angle –  from the inside.

  • First things first – check-in happens online. That means no front desk.

  • Discover local art, food, and music collaborations in every one of our rooms. 

  • Make yourself at home. Help yourself to extra pillows in our linen closet.

  • Small

    1 queen bed and a space to call your own

    Comfort and minimalism make such a good pair. The Small is perfect for a short trip or when you plan on spending most of your time exploring the city. Design-wise, it’s dotted with neat objects from around town. Sleep-wise, we’ve got you covered with soft bedding and a remarkably comfortable mattress.

    • Queen Bed
    • < 200sqft
      Room Size
  • Medium

    1 queen bed and a whole lot of light

    With a view like this, you need wall-to-wall windows. And since each room features a world-class mattress, sheer curtains, and blackout shades – you’ll sleep like a baby. Like all of our rooms, the Medium is a showcase for local touches, from the art on the wall to the books on the shelf. It’s ideal for a work trip or a last-minute getaway.

    • Queen Bed
    • 200 - 240sqft
      Room Size
  • Large

    1 king bed fit for kings and queens

    Indulge a little with a room that has the best of Toronto at your fingertips, designed with your comfort in mind. As it turns out, we have the same mattress supplier as a prestigious hotel chain we won’t name (rhymes with Spritz-Charleston). The Large is where you bring that special someone for that special something.

    • King Bed
    • > 290sqft
      Room Size
  • Extra Large

    2 queen beds, twice the fun

    Ever wanted to see a thoughtful design that feels cozy for a family and flirtatious for the rest of us? We thought so. Now add a choice mattress, local art, and a modern washroom. The Extra Large shares the same great features as other rooms, but with space to spare. So go ahead, invite a few friends and take the city by storm.

    • 2 Queen Beds
    • 330sqft
      Room Size