Your Forever Local Second Home.

Your forever local second home.  

From the day COVID-19 surfaced in Toronto, we have wrestled with whether or not we stay open or close our doors. The health and safety of both our guests and our staff is, and always will be, our first priority.
While the impact of the virus on the travel industry is nowhere near being fully understood, as a participant in hospitality and tourism, we realize we have a role to play. We know you are also looking to make responsible travel decisions, and as such, we want you to fully understand our daily operations.
From its inception and opening in 2018, The Annex was set-up as a next generation hotel.
We understand how people these days like to travel and we utilize technology to allow for a seamless experience. While we pride ourselves in our personalized touch, our setup allows for things like - online check-ins, a private self-entry to the building, keypad entry to guest rooms - meaning you virtually do not have to interact with other people. In times like these, we understand why this is important.
In the same vein, your personal mobile device is your access to our 24/7 on-site staff. Whether it’s delivery of food and beverage, dry-cleaning or running some of life’s errands, our team is here to assist. To limit interactions, we have implemented a three-knock system which will allow us to leave items at your door, or retrieve them at your convenience. Additionally, a verified hotel car and driver will be made available to transport you around the city as required.
Since we know one can never be too safe, we have further enhanced our cleaning operation, which includes wipe-downs of public areas every 30 minutes and using hospital-grade disinfectants to clean your rooms. We understand however that your room is your sanctuary, and cleaning during your stay will be done upon request.
Thank you for your continued confidence and patience as we all navigate this global phenomenon together. Should you feel the need to postpone your current plans with us, you can cancel up to 3pm, the day prior to your arrival at the hotel. We won’t take it personally.
Travel safe and smart.


The Annex Team